Three techniques for coming up with new content marketing concepts laser-targeted at your specific audience

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B2B content marketers are increasingly being challenged to create ever more new and high-quality content.

All across supply chains, businesses are consuming content at a phenomenal rate using various devices and formats, from full-featured desktop experiences to pushed app notifications on cellphones.

And the only thing that every single piece of this content has in common is that it begins with an idea.

In this article, we look at three strategies that can help you quickly develop new ideas for B2B content on an ongoing basis.

Show Behind the Scenes

People are always interested in how things are really done. …

Not every business claims it is going to change the world. Even fewer actually do.

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How many companies and organizations have you seen that claim to be innovative or disruptive?

How many products have been launched that were supposedly going to revolutionize a field or even change the world?

How many of them actually succeed?

While the pace of change across industries is undoubtedly increasing, the scale of those changes isn’t always quite as advertised.

This affects how much we trust a business or new technology.

Trust is a vital commodity and is far easier to lose than accumulate. It’s built-in many ways, one of the most important is through honesty.

Startups claiming to create…

Thoughts and approaches to productivity for academics — that could also work for the rest of us!

You’re busy. We’re busy. Everyone is busy and getting busier all the time. That’s a given in today’s professional world — and it’s a reality that needs to be accepted in order to be properly addressed.

But if you are serious about building an exceptional research career, at some point you need to find a way of carving out some time to dedicate to communication, alongside journal publishing and research itself.

It takes time and energy to create good communication material. It involves thinking and writing about your work from a different point of view, with your ideal research target…

A guide to perfecting the 4 most important categories on your site

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Are any of these issues familiar?

We just want to make our website better.

We just want more online sales.

We just want better content that we can show our customers.

We just don’t know where to start…

I completely understand. There are a billion and one things you could do to try and get the word out online, but even when your goals are simple, deciding what exactly you need to work on is a challenge.

Your market, your objectives, your resources, and your needs are different from every other business out there, so how do you know what…

You could have a large and rapid impact while building skills and knowledge along the way

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Startup companies work in some of the most exciting areas of the most innovative fields imaginable.

And they often do it in style.

They operate in fast-paced, do-or-die environments where decisions are made quickly and can have company- or even industry-changing ramifications for years to come.

But do they make good clients for marketers?

Not always — but they certainly can be, as long as your service, personality, and working practices are a good fit with the business.

In this article, I’ll explore a few reasons why I think this the case, based on my experiences of carrying out copywriting…

How to greatly increase the efficiency of your marketing campaigns

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Selling complicated products online is never an easy task. Although prospects usually have a certain level of familiarity with what is on offer (or they probably wouldn’t be at your site in the first place) purchasing something complex is usually more of an objective and analytical decision than an emotional one.

Marketers need to develop web content that supports this process by giving buyers the information they need, at the right time, to make an accurate judgement, but doing so in a way that is engaging and concise.

An interested prospect is often looking for a reason not to buy…

How do you build a supply chain for a brand new technology?

Cutting-edge innovation today is often characterised by technologies with the potential to affect many fields, to greater or lesser extents, simultaneously as they begin to mature. Artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), graphene, virtual reality (VR), robotics, quantum computing and nanotech are just some of the examples of innovations which are touted, with varying degrees of pessimism or hype depending on the source, as being able to change virtually every aspect of our lives.

The changes discussed are often described as wholesale ‘disruption’ or ‘revolution’, concepts that will always grab the most headlines, though it will likely be…

Hywel Curtis

A content strategist and communications consultant helping people communicate value across the innovation chain.

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