Three techniques for coming up with new content marketing concepts laser-targeted at your specific audience

B2B content marketers are increasingly being challenged to create ever more new and high-quality content.

All across supply chains, businesses are consuming content at a phenomenal rate using various devices and formats, from full-featured desktop experiences to pushed app notifications on cellphones.

And the only thing that every single piece…

Not every business claims it is going to change the world. Even fewer actually do.

How many companies and organizations have you seen that claim to be innovative or disruptive?

How many products have been launched that were supposedly going to revolutionize a field or even change the world?

How many of them actually succeed?

While the pace of change across industries is undoubtedly increasing…

Thoughts and approaches to productivity for academics — that could also work for the rest of us!

You’re busy. We’re busy. Everyone is busy and getting busier all the time. That’s a given in today’s professional world — and it’s a reality that needs to be accepted in order to be properly addressed.

But if you are serious about building an exceptional research career, at some point…

A guide to perfecting the 4 most important categories on your site

Are any of these issues familiar?

We just want to make our website better.

We just want more online sales.

We just want better content that we can show our customers.

We just don’t know where to start…

I completely understand. There are a billion and one things you could…

You could have a large and rapid impact while building skills and knowledge along the way

Startup companies work in some of the most exciting areas of the most innovative fields imaginable.

And they often do it in style.

They operate in fast-paced, do-or-die environments where decisions are made quickly and can have company- or even industry-changing ramifications for years to come.

But do they make…

Hywel Curtis

A content strategist and communications consultant helping people communicate value across the innovation chain.

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